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Overcome Public Speaking Anxiety

Overcome your Fear and Dread of Public Speaking

Yes! You can eradicate your public speaking anxiety forever. 


The anxiety that’s already cost you so many potential opportunities. 


Cos it’s not your fault.

Some people’s anxiety is so bad, they shake, they puke, they phone in sick! 

Because public speaking ISN’T easy.


But don’t worry…

Great public speakers are made and not born.


And you can do it too. 


I’ll show you how.















The FEARLESS Speaker Programme is designed to introduce confident speaking skills to clients who are determined to overcome public speaking anxiety or low confidence in presentations. 












It is NOT suitable for confident public speakers. 

The programme works by developing a strong public speaking mindset, while introducing new public speaking skills, knowledge and experience. 

The Fearless Speaker programme comprises 6 x 60 Minute sessions, delivered over Zoom, over 6 weeks. (Shorter periods possible by negotiation)

Week 1 - PUBLIC SPEAKING MINDSET - An exploration of the public speaking mindset and how to overcome the interferences to great presentations and public speaking. This will help you to measure and test what’s causing your public speaking anxiety and give you useful tools to overcome it. 


Week 2 - STORY - Learn how to use stories to engage the audience and draw them into your presentation. This will help you hold the audience in the palm of your hand - and let you concentrate on delivering your message - taking your mind off the anxiety.  


Week 3 - CREATION - Explore planning the Great Presentation - exploring the goal of the presentation, the key message and the structure of great presentations. This will help you understand how great presentations are made, which allows you to take your audience on a journey which starts with a promise and ends with action. This will help you to create any future presentation from the perspective of the audience and broadcast the message your audience need to hear. 


Week 4 - DELIVERY 1 - Discover the keys to great presentation delivery, the 4 Ps! This will help you become a more confident speaker as you use these new skills to own the presentation space. 


Week 5 - DELIVERY 2 - Discover the secrets of public speaking delivery as you explore your own delivery weaknesses and transform them into strengths. This will help you speak from the heart and discover your authentic public speaking self!


Week 6 - PRESENTATION - Practice what you’ve learned across the course and receive detailed notes for development a plan to continue developing into the future.  YOUR FEAR of PUBLIC SPEAKING is OVER. CONGRATULATIONS!

The Investment for this programme is £950. Our clients say the value they experience in the coaching and the results is far greater. 





Your Public Speaking Coach 

Mark Westbrook is a Professional Acting Coach turned Public Speaking Trainer and Coach. After a lifetime working in the performing arts, he has adapted his experience of performance psychology, voice and speech and presentations skills to the public speaking arena. Mark is a twice qualified teacher, and a Bronze Level Coach with Performance Consultants International. He’s also an introvert, so he gets it. 

What opportunities has your fear or dread of public speaking cost you so far in life?


What opportunities for promotion, income, reputation building etc will it cost you in the future?





“For my entire career, even though I’m outwardly really confident, I’ve hated presenting to large audiences. Working with Mark has transformed my approach to this - from previously trying to avoid presenting I’m now requesting to go up on stage.”

Vicky Lawless-Mitchell, Head of Customer Marketing, AG Barr

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