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About Your Coach 

Hi I'm Mark.

I once screamed my way off stage, I was so traumatised by the idea of speaking in front of all those people. The following Christmas, I wasn’t invited to take part in the school nativity play. 


The truth is, I am an introvert (people don't believe me) who learned to be confident with other people and how to speak in public.


So first off. I get it. If you don’t like speaking in public, if you feel terrified, sweaty or just uncomfortable giving speeches in public, then I think I’m uniquely positioned to help you - just like I've helped individuals, CFOs, sales teams, managers, executives and even professional football coaches!


I'm a down to earth person, I've worked counting bananas, hung t-shirts on hangers, worked in demolition, packed frozen food into lorries, built databases at Federal Express, I've taught in prison, wrote for an MTV show, and I've worked as a university lecturer.


Then I became a coach and I found my purpose. I've been one the UK's leading acting coaches for the past 15 years, with clients from Hollywood to Bollywood - BUT for the past 5 years, I've become really passionate about public speaking and helping individuals and teams to improve their public speaking, their influence and impact. 

(I've got four postgraduate university qualifications, including two teaching certificates and I have a coaching qualification too - if that's important to you.)


I've found myself on BBC Radio many times, and really enjoyed being part of the following popular personal development show

I love binge-watching Netflix, tea, reading, writing and spending time with family.

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