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Overcome your Fear and Dread of Public Speaking in as little as 6 Weeks...


IMAGINE how much better everything is when your FEAR and DREAD of public speaking are JUST. GONE. 


But of course it’s terrifying! Everyone knows - it’s the Number 1 Fear.  Who would willingly get up in front of all those faces and subject ourselves to the danger of public humiliation


Of course you’ve struggled with public speaking so far - you’re not “a natural speaker”  because speakers are MADE not born, there’s no such thing as a natural speaker. 


This 6-week course is the BEST way to overcome the FEAR and DREAD. It ensures that the next time you’re asked to speak in public, you’re excited, actually - you might even volunteer. 


The 6-week Fearless Speaker programme is the step by step process by which I’ve helped hundreds of people to become confident speakers. 

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What does it involve?

The FEARLESS Speaker Programme is designed to introduce confident speaking skills to clients who are determined to overcome their fear of public speaking or low confidence. It is NOT suitable for confident public speakers

The programme works by identifying weaknesses in the client’s current skillset, developing a strong public speaking mindset, overcoming the fear and discomfort of public speaking - while introducing new public speaking skills, knowledge and experience. 

The 6-Week Version of this programme comprises SEVEN x 60 Minute sessions, delivered over Zoom. The programme covers: Mindset, Speaker Skills, Speech Creation, Speaker Dynamics, Understanding the Audience, Visualisation. These elements combine to help you develop tremendous new public speaking confidence. We do this by combining public speaking techniques with structured opportunities to practise new skills in the way of short presentations in Weeks 4-6.

What opportunities has your fear or dread of public speaking cost you so far in life?

What opportunities for promotion, income, reputation building etc will it cost you in the future?


“For my entire career, even though I’m outwardly really confident, I’ve hated presenting to large audiences. Working with Mark has transformed my approach to this - from previously trying to avoid presenting I’m now requesting to go up on stage.”

Vicky Lawless-Mitchell, Head of Customer Marketing, AG Barr

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