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Are your presentation skills letting you down? 
Are your public speaking skills good but... not good enough?
Do people look bored whenever its your turn to present?
Do you feel like you
don't have a voice in meetings?



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How often do you avoid the chance to speak in public? Or you become overcome with nerves, or suffer with low confidence?

How many times did you know you could do better, but somehow you were your own worst enemy?

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Picture yourself confidently taking the stage, captivating your audience, and leaving a lasting impression. Strong communication skills is the key to career success for many. 

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Presentation Skills and Public Speaking Services.

Confident Woman

The Confident Speaker

Transform your Dull Presentations 


The Fearless Speaker

Overcome Public Speaking Anxiety in just 7 weeks. 

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The Keynote Speaker

Elevate your Speaking Skills to the Professional Level

Group Public
Speaking Course

Starting 29th June - Continuous Enrolment

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Mistaken Beliefs about Presentation Skills

  • Great presenters and public speakers are naturally confident, charismatic extroverts - WRONG! (Many of the world’s best speakers are proclaimed introverts)


  • Great presenters and public speakers have to memorise huge chunks of scripted text - WRONG! (Great presenters don’t laboriously memorise lengthy scripts)

  • Great presenters and public speakers deliver successful speeches, off the cuff, with very little effort - WRONG! (Great presenters never fail to plan their presentations)             

Here's some of the things you'll learn from me:

  • Learn the SINGLE BIGGEST MISTAKE that people make when preparing a presentation and avoid boring your audience to death.


  • Uncover the little known public speaking secrets that will dramatically improve your presentations.

  • Prepare, practice, polish and perform persuasive, inspiring and transformative presentations - without any experience at all.

  • Discover how to structure your speech like a Pro - so the audience hangs on your every word.


  • Master how to use ONE BIG IDEA to really make your message hit home.


  • I want to give you the same winning tools and techniques that I’ve used to give confidence to award winning actors, business leaders, and sports people.

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I help people to go from nervous wrecks to confident speakers, confident speakers to inspiring leaders...

Imagine confidently speaking in front of an audience of friends, clients or colleagues. 

Imagine easily communicating your thoughts, ideas or vision to any audience. 

Imagine successfully delivering that previously dreaded presentation at work.

Imagine excitedly planning your next presentation or public speaking opportunity.  ​

Imagine delivering a pitch, speech or presentation that changes how people feel, that people remember forever and makes them want to take action now.

Mark’s Individual and Team Speaker Training Programmes can help you achieve those results and much more.



"Mark is a constructive and insightful coach, who provides practical advice and excellent guidance. Thanks to Mark, I am now a much more confident presenter. I’m able to connect effectively with my audiences regardless of whether they are remote or in the room with me."

Kate Dion  - Communications Specialist and Former Reuters Journalist.

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