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Who Else Wants Stress-Free Presentations and Public Speaking?

Imagine confidently speaking in front of an audience of friends, clients or colleagues.

Imagine easily communicating your thoughts, ideas or vision to any audience.

Imagine successfully delivering that previously dreaded presentation at work.

Imagine excitedly planning your next presentation or public speaking opportunity.  

Mark’s personally tailored, one-on-one and team-based public speaking skills coaching can help you achieve those results and more.

“Entertainers use their voices, facial expressions, gestures, and bodies to make us feel emotions. A great presentation is no different.” Carmine Gallo - International Communications Coach

About Mark

I'm Mark Westbrook, I’ve been Scotland’s only full time private acting coach for the past ten years. With clients all over the world including Oscar and Emmy winners, I'm used to helping top clients do their best under pressure.  

During this time, I’ve used the same skillset to help individuals and companies in the business world to deliver kick-ass presentations and public speaking engagements throughout Scotland. I am a certified trainer, and a qualified executive coach too.


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"I teach motivated individuals and teams to create, shape and deliver stress-free presentations, by learning the little known tools and techniques that will allow them to make their next public speaking event a knock-out success."

  • Great presenters and public speakers are naturally confident, charismatic extroverts - WRONG! (Many of the world’s best speakers are proclaimed introverts)

  • Great presenters and public speakers have to memorise huge chunks of scripted text - WRONG! (Great presenters don’t laboriously memorise lengthy scripts)

  • Great presenters and public speakers deliver successful speeches, off the cuff, with very little effort - WRONG! (Great presenters never fail to plan their presentations)                

                                  PUBLIC SPEAKING IS A LEARNABLE SKILL,

                                IT CAN BE TAUGHT AND YOU CAN LEARN IT.


  • Learn the SINGLE BIGGEST MISTAKE that people make when preparing a presentation and avoid boring your audience to death.

  • Uncover the little known public speaking secrets that will dramatically improve your presentations.

  • Prepare, practice, polish and perform persuasive, inspiring and transformative presentations - without any experience at all.

  • Discover how to structure your speech like a Pro - so the audience hangs on your every word.

  • Master how to use ONE BIG IDEA to really make your message hit home.

  • I want to give you the same winning tools and techniques that I’ve used to give confidence to award winning actors, business leaders, and sports people.

Public Speaking Services

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Public Speaking Services for Individuals

Individual Public Speaking Coaching — Private public speaking coaching that’s tailored to meet your personal or professional needs, your public speaking personality. One to One Public Speaking Coaching is the most popular and successful way to impact on your public speaking confidence and abilities. 

Individual Public Speaking Coaching can be offered in person at our premises, on site at your business premises or via Skype. It is offered on an hourly-basis, but it can also be tailored into a Public Speaking package. ​

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Public Speaking Workshops for Teams

Public Speaking Workshops for Teams: This is the most popular choice for organisations wishing to impact the public speaking skills of a team or group. 

Public Speaking Workshops for teams are tailored to the needs of the group or company they represent. These workshops are most effective over 2 days.

These workshops culminate in a public presentation to demonstrate the development of their public speaking skills. 

Client Reviews

"“It’s definitely the most daunting thing I’ve had to do but I’m really glad I did it.  Really enjoyed the training, was great to have been given some exercises to do to help with nerves and speech etc and Mark was brilliant."

Frazer Matthews

Bruichladdich Distillery

“For my entire career, even although I’m outwardly really confident, I’ve hated presenting to large audiences. Working with Mark has transformed my approach to this - from previously trying to avoid presenting I’m now requesting to go up on stage.”

Vicky​ Lawless-Mitchell

 A.G Barr

“Mark is just such a clear communicator and his approach to fear-free, stressless public speaking coaching immediately empowers anyone that has to speak for a living. ”

Z Field

Glasgow Private Tours

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