Public Speaking for Individuals

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Individual Public Speaking Coaching — Private public speaking coaching that’s tailored to meet your personal or professional needs, your public speaking personality. One to One Public Speaking Coaching is the most popular and successful way to impact on your public speaking confidence and abilities. 

Individual Public Speaking Coaching can be offered in person on site at your business premises or via Zoom. It is based on a tailored package of 1-2-1 sessions. 

Individual Public Speaking Packages


The Speaker's Toolkit

Fundamental speaker training, reduce anxiety, improve the impact and influence. Perfect for onboard a new employee, or after a promotion when public speaking and presenting are an essential part of the (new) job.  



The Refresher

If you haven't had to present for quite a while, this is perfect to refresh your experience, learn some new tricks and get back in the saddle.



The Dress Rehearsal

If you've got a high-stakes presentation coming up and you need someone to help your polish your performance - this option is perfect. Also great for job interview presentations too. 



Make Waves

You've got a presentation and you really want to make sure that you make a powerful impact. 

Get help with the construction of the presentation, the performance and receive tailored feedback aimed at making the biggest waves possible. 



Overcoming Public Speaking Anxiety

Ground going to swallow you up? Shaking like a leaf, heart going ninety miles an hour? Want to be sick? Sprinting to the loo? 


This is perfect if you'd like to overcome your fear of public speaking. 



The Tailored Fit

Personally tailored public speaking and presentation skills coaching.

Whatever your needs, we can create a coaching package to meet your needs.


Following your goals, leading to your results. Contact us to discuss your needs. 

from £495