Exclusive Coaching Packages

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  • 6 Week Fearless Speakers’ Toolkit Course: covering the basics of public speaking for those who want to overcome their natural fear of public speaking. 


  • SMASH Your Fear of Public Speaking and Grow Unshakeable Confidence

  • Use your Body Language to Broadcast Self Confidence

  • Transform Your Mindset

  • Silence your Inner Critic

  • Turn Fear into Excitement - You’ll Want to Look for Speaking Opportunities!

  • Learn Proven Structures for Presentations or Public Speaking Situations.

  • Build a Memorable Message

  • Inspire, Impact and Influence Your Audience

  • Employ Powerful Opening and Closing Techniques That Captivate Your Audience


  • Including The Fearless Speaker Programme Workbook

6-Week Programme - £1497

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  • 3-Month Unshakeable Speakers’ Toolkit Course: covering advanced public speaking design and delivery tools. 


  • DELIVER like a Professional Speaker with Unshakeable Confidence

  • Establish a Powerful On-Stage/Screen Credibility

  • Create Potent Narratives that Inspire your Audience

  • Master your Breath and Use Your Voice to Capture and Hold Your Audience. 

  • Avoid Confidence-Killing Mistakes

  • Instantly Capture Your Audience’s Attention.

  • Powerfully Affect Your Audience on Three Different Levels 

  • Develop the Skills to become a Dynamic Speaker


  • Including The Unshakeable Speaker Programme Workbook

3-Month Programme £2995

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  • 18 Week Influential Speakers’ Toolkit Course: covering the gold standard of speakers tools and techniques, delivering at executive/professional level.


  • Taught using a Unique Immersive Virtual Learning Environment, includes latest Oculus VR headset and software. 


  • Powerful Self Assessment Tools


  • CREATE Powerful, Influential Performances

  • Demonstrate Trust and Credibility 

  • Employ Powerful Opening/Closing Techniques That Captivate Your Audience

  • Electrify your Audience with the Power of your Voice

  • Construct Inspiring, Moving and Transformation Narratives

  • Reinforce Your Message through a Proven Structure for Public Speaking

  • Discover Your Most Authentic Speaker Presence

  • Powerfully Affect Your Audience on Three Different Levels 

  • Use Body Language to Reinforce Your Message

  • DISCOVER the Secrets of Speech Creation and Writing

  • Including The Influential Speaker Programme Workbook

18-Week Programme £4495

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