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Public Speaking for Teams

Public Speaking Workshops for Teams: This is the most popular choice for organisations wishing to impact the public speaking skills of a team or group. 

Public Speaking Workshops for teams are tailored to the needs of the group or company they represent. 

These workshops normally culminate in a public presentation to demonstrate the development of your team's public speaking skills. 

Improve your Team's Influence

  • Your team members are feelingl nervous, tongue-tied or awkward about giving presentations or speaking in public.  

  • Members of your team are stressed and anxious about an upcoming presentation.

  • You need your key team members to speak with customer, clients or leadership with more focus and impact. 

  • You feel that your team are not currently making the right level of impact or influence when they speak to clients, customers or leadership.

  • Your team struggle to prepare effective presentations.

  • Your team members get nervous, tense and formal and do not allow their authentic personalities to emerge.

  • Members of your team have been promoted to new positions which involve a lot more public speaking opportunities and you want to help them best tackle this new demand.

Business Meeting

Team Public Speaking Packages


The Speaker's Toolkit 

(Group Skills Workshop)

Up to 6 Individuals from your Team will receive essential training in the fundamentals of public speaking for impact and influence. (4 Hours) 



The Speaker's Toolkit+

(Group Skills Workshop)

All the goodness of the Speaker's Toolkit (for up to 6 employees) plus a return visit to your premises to ensure continued to development. 


Intensive Speaker Coaching

Preparing for a Project with Intensive Coaching for up to 6 Individuals.

Give yourself the edge in your project bid / business presentation. 

£ Custom


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