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Why are Public Speaking Skills so Important?


Without a doubt, the ability to speak in public is essential in business. Combined with the skill of persuasion and you have the ability to win over an audience of investors, potential clients, employees.

Inside your workplace, or outside, the ability to persuade people is powerful and can carry you up the career ladder and into the jobs you want. All this starts by improving your public speaking skills. When you master public speaking skills, you'll experience a boost in your confident, there's nothing quite like getting up in front of a bunch of people to make you feel alive!

If you want to seem authentic, then you're going to need to be an authority, really knowledgable in your field. You cannot present in an area that you aren't confident, that you aren't an expert. You always need to be able to answer questions on the topic - agree to present someone else's deck - you'll end up in trouble.

To make a strong impact on your audience, you need to understand how to structure a presentation, how to use your voice, how to pause, how to interact with your audience, how to craft a message, how to use a story or a joke to help, and how to use the tools of rhetoric to make your audience feel.

A great presentation makes people want to know more. Public Speaking skills will help you make a more influential presentation.


A powerful public speaker or presenter can motivate their audience to buy an idea, feel something, to think something or to do something.

But to encourage them to do it requires the ability to motivate them to bring your peers, employees, customers, clients or investors to life. People see public speakers are leaders. When you speak in front of an audience, that audience starts to think of you as a thought leader. We want to follow you. You instil us with motivation.

Motivating another person means making them feel something. Make them angry, sad, scared, sickened, jealous, reassured and they will DO something for you. Make them feel and they will do.

Having knowledge is important - of course it is. But the ability to make someone feel something is even more important. Learning great public speaking skills will allow you to learn how to do this - and I believe everyone is capable of learning how to do this.


I've read so many times that the job of the public speaker is to inform.

I assure you - it isn't.

Informing is transfer of data (hence the cable).

Telling information - you may as well just write it down. Hand out a booklet. Every time I've been to a presentation where the goal was to 'tell' people something, it was boring as all hell. I once went to an introductory session of a university course in Scotland, and all they did was tell us basic stuff. A hand out, or a 5 minute video would have been much more effective. And I wouldn't have to travel 2 hours to get there.

If you have to 'inform' then you think that the information is more important than anything else. You're wrong. Human communication is 7% verbal. By all means tell information, but informing is not the goal.

If you do have to tell information, make it engaging it, make it entertaining, make it relevant.


Are you looking for help with your public speaking skills? Click the button below and tell me about your public speaking needs, I'll call you back and we can discuss how I can help.


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