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Instantly Improve your Public Speaking Confidence

What is public speaking fear costing you? Income, promotion, career advancement?

Did you KNOW that You can INSTANTLY reduce your FEAR and DREAD of Public Speaking?

Okay, so I don't normally believe in shortcuts to success, but this one is backed by research.

Researcher Alison Wood Brooks discovered that if you took a bunch of people and said you would pay them for their ability to sing karaoke songs, and you would score them on things like note accuracy, she found she could influence the outcome. She split the group into three smaller groups.

She asked each group: "How are you feeling?"

And she told each group how to respond. One group had to say “I’m excited!” 😃

The next group had to say “I’m anxious” 😬 and the third group were to remain silent. 😐

Well, can you guess how it turned out?

The group that said "I’m excited" did best, about 30% better than the group that said “I’m anxious”.

What you tell yourself matters. People who have a Fear of Public Speaking often talk to themselves negatively about it.

BUT you can TALK your way out of a THREAT mindset and into an OPPORTUNITY mindset.

That's not all.

Assistant Professor Brooks repeated this experiment for groups in a Maths Test and PUBLIC SPEAKING.

And the results were the same! The group that were told to say "I'm excited" did better than than the group that said "I'm anxious."

So tell yourself "I'm excited" and smash your next presentation.

Mark Westbrook

Public Speaking Coach


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