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How to be an Authentic Public Speaker Like David Goggins | Public Speaking Coach Glasgow

Do you know who David Goggins is? If not, don't worry, but I think you might want to learn about him. He's an in-demand public speaker because of the way that he turned his life around. He went from absolute zero to crazy living his dream hero.

David Goggins is a man who knows a thing or two about overcoming adversity. As a former SEAL and ultra-marathon athlete, he has an exceptionally tough mental game and a body made of suffering. He is an inspiration for people all over the world. But don't worry if that's not you - we can still learn from him.

But he started out humbly. His life was a failure. He was a terrible student, overweight and going nowhere. But since then, he dug deep, overcame himself, got out of his own way and became an inspirational leader to a generation of people.

David Goggins is a public speaking powerhouse. He knows how to command a room and connect with his audience on a deep level. His speeches are inspirational and motivating. If you want to learn how to be a better public speaker, take some lessons from David Goggins. David Goggins is an amazing public speaker for many reasons. He has a powerful presence, he's vulnerable and humble, but he's inspirational.


What can we learn from David Goggins about public speaking? Well, first and foremost, he knows how to command a room. He stands up straight and speaks out as if he is proud of himself. He is not trying to make others feel good, he is what he is.When he speaks, people listen. He has a powerful presence that commands attention. Quite often, we're afraid that people will think we're big-headed or arrogant if we show up with confidence. Trust me, they'll think worse of you if you don't show up with confidence. Show up with confidence like Goggins, he's not afraid to be his best authentic self.


Secondly, Goggins is not afraid to be vulnerable. In his speeches, he often opens up about his own struggles and challenges. This vulnerability allows him to connect with his audience on a deep level. He's so comfortable allowing you to see what he's made off. He's not afraid to talk about his weaknesses.

We can all learn from his example and be more open and honest in our public speaking.


Finally, Goggins is an inspirational speaker. His speeches are motivating and leave his audience feeling inspired to achieve their goals. If you need some motivation in your life, listen to one of David Goggins' speeches. You won't be disappointed. Goggins is a Guinness World Record Holder for completing 4030 pull-ups in 17 hours. The man is a machine. It's hard not to admire his approach to anything!

Listen, you've all done things, or overcome things that other people think are amazing. Built a business, raised a child, overcome a terrible life event. You have something to share. No - you do. You just have to be honest enough to share it.


If you want to be a great public speaker, take some lessons from David Goggins!

Take a look at Goggins here, listen to his passion, listen to what he learned about life from refusing to give up.

He is a master of the craft of public speaking and sure to inspire you. Thanks for reading.


AUTHOR: Mark Westbrook, Public Speaking Coach Scotland.



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