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Glasgow Public Speaking Coach: How You're Killing Your Credibility in Presentations

Public Speaking Glasgow
Are you killing your credibility in your public speaking?

Credibility is the cornerstone of effective presentations and public speaking engagements. It's the factor that earns you the trust and attention of your audience. However, sometimes, despite having good content and intentions, certain actions or lack of them can severely tarnish your credibility. This blog explores five common pitfalls that could be hindering your effectiveness during a presentation in Scotland or a Glasgow public speaking event, and how to steer clear of them.

Over-Promising and Under-Delivering:

It's quite common for individuals to over-promise in an attempt to create anticipation and interest for their presentations. This pitfall is particularly dangerous as it sets up high expectations among the audience. When you fail to deliver on these expectations, it can lead to disappointment, undermining your credibility significantly. It's crucial to be honest and realistic about what your presentation will cover and what the audience can gain from it.

Moreover, over-promising might not only be about the content; it could also be about the outcomes. For instance, promising a solution to a complex problem through your presentation in Scotland could draw a large audience. But if your presentation doesn’t provide a clear solution as promised, it could severely damage your reputation in the Glasgow public speaking circuit. It's always better to under-promise and over-deliver, thereby exceeding your audience's expectations and boosting your credibility.

Lack of Consistency:

Your audience values consistency, whether it's the quality of the content, the delivery style, or the message conveyed. Any inconsistency can lead to confusion or a loss of interest, which in turn, erodes your credibility. For instance, if one section of your presentation is engaging and well-prepared, while another seems disjointed and unclear, your audience may question your expertise or preparation.

Additionally, being consistent in your messaging is critical. Providing clear, consistent messages helps in building trust. If you provide conflicting information at different points in your presentation, your audience may doubt the accuracy of the information provided. Staying consistent in every aspect, from your slides to your speech, is vital for maintaining and enhancing your credibility in every presentation in Scotland you deliver.

Avoiding Accountability:

Mistakes are part of the learning curve, but how you handle them during a presentation can make a significant difference. If something goes wrong, owning up to the mistake, correcting it, and moving on is the best course of action. Avoiding accountability or blaming others can appear unprofessional and might cause your audience to lose respect and trust in you.

Moreover, post-presentation, being open to feedback and acknowledging areas where you could improve is a sign of professionalism. It shows your audience and peers in the Glasgow public speaking circuit that you are committed to improving and delivering better presentations in the future. Embracing accountability enhances your credibility and portrays you as a mature, reliable presenter.

Being Unprepared:

Preparation is key to a successful presentation. When you appear unprepared, it not only reflects poorly on your professionalism but also on your respect for the audience’s time. Being well-prepared exudes confidence, showcases your expertise, and creates a conducive environment for effective communication.

Moreover, preparation isn't just about memorising your script; it's about understanding your audience, anticipating possible questions, and being prepared with well-thought-out answers. It's also about having a clear structure to your presentation, ensuring each point flows logically to the next, creating a compelling narrative that holds your audience's attention from start to finish. Thorough preparation is crucial for building and maintaining your credibility in the Glasgow public speaking scene.

Ignoring Feedback:

Feedback is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to improve their public speaking and presentation skills. Ignoring or dismissing feedback can hinder your growth and signal a lack of commitment to improving. Moreover, when your audience or peers see that you disregard feedback, they might question your credibility and professionalism.

On the other hand, actively seeking feedback, appreciating it, and working on the areas of improvement it highlights is a hallmark of a committed and credible presenter. It shows your audience and peers in the Glasgow public speaking community that you value continuous improvement and are dedicated to honing your craft. This open-minded approach to feedback not only enhances your skills but significantly boosts your credibility.

To further hone your presentation and public speaking skills in Glasgow or anywhere in Scotland, reaching out for professional guidance is a wise step. Contact for personalised coaching that will help you avoid these credibility pitfalls and excel in your public speaking endeavours. Your journey towards becoming a credible, compelling speaker is just an email away.

Mark Westbrook

Public Speaking Coach Glasgow


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