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Communicating Vision as a Leader

The skill of projecting vision is often associated with successful business leaders, entrepreneurs, and community change agents.

It is a key aspect of effective leadership and is something we focus on in our communication coaching work with leaders. But what exactly does it mean to communicate vision? Does it mean being a visionary like Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, or Jeff Bezos?

Or is it just having a vision for the future?

From a leadership perspective, communicating vision is the art of painting an inspiring picture of a future state of the organization or team, which then motivates and rallies support for action. We always begin by explaining the purpose and benefits before diving into the techniques. This helps leaders understand the outcome they are striving for, why it's important, and how they can achieve it.

One of the most important reasons leaders should learn to communicate vision is that it provides direction for the organization. A clear vision acts as a guide, aligning strategy and efforts towards a common goal. It keeps everyone on track and prevents the team from pursuing opportunities that are not in line with the vision.

Projecting vision also helps leaders create structure in their communication, as it provides a framework for initiatives and strategies. It gives context to team members by showing them how their individual efforts support the overall vision. Regularly connecting tasks, projects, and roles to the vision keeps everyone motivated and focused on achieving the long-term goal.

Another important aspect of communicating vision is its ability to inspire and motivate the team. A clear and aspirational vision can fire up the team, especially during challenging times, and remind them of why their hard work is important. It also demonstrates executive presence, a critical skill for leaders looking to advance their careers or engage their team more effectively.

In conclusion, developing and projecting vision is a combination of strategy and communication. By learning to communicate vision, leaders can improve their overall leadership skills and drive their team and organization towards success.

Mark Westbrook - Presentation Skills Coach


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