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Are you a public speaking imposter?

Are you an imposter?

When you present, you think or - you wrongly believe, that you need to take on an appropriate speaking persona.

You do that because you’re afraid that the people who respect and admire you will discover that you’re not the calm, confident expert, leader, manager, coach that they believe you are.

So we put on the mask that we think people want to see.

But when you do that, when you put on a mask, a front - you feel like an imposter - because you are an imposter - because that’s not the real authentic you up there.

To be an effective speaker, you can’t start by trying to be someone else. Effective speaking begins with being true to your authentic self.

All the best speakers are the best speakers because they are playing their most authentic self.

If speaking is an important part of your life and/or role, embrace your authentic self to speak with the confidence and influence you deserve to have!


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