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Fight or Flight?

When you get up in front of people, your mind and body react like you are under threat.

First, your mind gives you a bunch of reasons to stop risking public humiliation and tries to persuade you to leave. If you don't present, you can't humiliate yourself. Call in sick. Tell them you're ill. It's wants you to take FLIGHT and leave.

Then your body kicks in. Your heart-rate soars. You get sweaty. You are adrenalised.

While the mind tries to get you to leave, the feelings you get in your body often feel like 'nervousness' is here. But in truth, I don't think that's what's really happening.

What's really happening is that you body realises you can't leave, your brain has lost and now, rather than showing signs of 'nerves', it is actually preparing you to FIGHT. In others, your body is signalling to you - OKAY, LET'S DO THIS!

By learning to hear the FLIGHT response kicking in and then feeling the FIGHT response kicking in, you can stop more focused and learn to use your body's own reaction to inspire you to give a kick ass presentation.

Tired of dreading presentations? Looking for a presentation coach?

Mark Westbrook is a Presentation and Public Speaking Coach based in Glasgow, Scotland. If you'd like to learn to deliver fearless presentations - please do get in touch.

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