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Speaker Coaching for Your Upcoming Pitch, Presentation or Talk 





​IMAGINE yourself at your upcoming speaking event standing in front of your audience. You're prepared, you're confident, and you're ready to deliver a presentation that will be the envy of all. 

Even if you're super-confident about your subject matter, perhaps you want to stack the odds in your favour, you want to win the pitch, or nail the business presentation. 


This 3-step process is the BEST way to increase your chances of MAXIMISING this Speaking Opportunity.  

We help you refine your key message, strengthen your delivery and pressure test your presentation performance.

When you need professional coaching for an important speaking event.  
Every talk, pitch or presentation is different.
When you have an important talk, pitch, or presentation, time is precious. 
Book a 1:1 coaching session with Mark to craft your pitch/presentation, learn the latest no-b*llsh*t techniques and public speaking skills, as well tons of practice and honest feedback.
Sessions can take place via Zoom or face to face at your premises.

​Help your pitch find it's voice!

Let’s Work Together

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