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Public Speaking Services for Individuals

Individual Public Speaking Coaching — Private public speaking coaching that’s tailored to meet your personal or professional needs, your public speaking personality. One to One Public Speaking Coaching is the most popular and successful way to impact on your public speaking confidence and abilities. 

Individual Public Speaking Coaching can be offered in person, on site at your business premises or via Zoom/Skype. Public Speaking lessons can be offered on an hourly-basis, but it can also be tailored into a Public Speaking package. ​















Public Speaking Packages for Individuals in Business. 

All public speaking packages are bespoke. It matters who you are coaching. You are not just some cup to be filled with public speaking knowledge. It's not one size fits all either.


The chair of the board, the marketing director, the operations manager, they all have different needs. So, we always start with a pre-training meet on Zoom, or by telephone. Just so that we can figure each other out.

After that, I'll set some homework. Don't worry, it will be mostly painless. I want you to prepare a 2 minute talk. A complete talk, intro, message, examples, closing - the whole shebang, in 2 minutes - on any topic of your choosing, the easier for you the better.


Because in our first hour together, we're going to record this as your pre-training example. Later, we'll re-record it and show you what massive progress you've made. (Don't worry, I'll let you hit delete on the recordings when we're done)









We'll explore together:

  1. Why you need to speak in public.

  2. Managing any fear or anxiety of public speaking.

  3. Preparing the Speech and Crafting a Message

  4. Developing the Script - and should you have it with you?

  5. Opening a Speech or Presentation

  6. Closing a Speech or Presentation (I call it Smashing the End, but it doesn't sound very professional, doesn't it?)

  7. Interacting with the Audience.

  8. Telling Stories and Jokes

  9. Improving Presence.

  10. Increasing Impact.

  11. How to Use the Voice Effectively

  12. What to do with my arms so I don't look like an Awkward Penguin.

  13. Tricks of the top public speakers. 

Well, there's a lot more than that, but that's just the beginning. 

I can deliver a half-day version (3.5 hours - £350) or an all-day version (7 hours - £600). Hourly sessions are available for £100. 

To request a free telephone conversation, face-to-face meeting, or video conference consultation to discuss in more detail, you can either book a call by hitting the button below.