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What is a Public Speaking Coach?

Are you a confident speaker? Do you want to be a confident speaker? Do you have great public speaking skills? Do you need them for work? Public speaking coaching may be for you.

A speaking coach is an individual with experience of teaching, coaching and mentoring individuals to improve their communication skills and their presentation skills.

They usually have a background in business, sport, the military or the performing arts - I myself am a professional acting coach. They have a passion for helping people to achieve their life goals, including personal development and improving their business performance by tackling public speaking, presentation skills and communication skills too.

You don't need to be a professional speaker to get help from a public speaking coach - any kind of speaking situation can be improved - from Father of the Bride speeches to Funerals.

A public speaking coach isn't trying to turn you into a TED talk expert (although they could). They want you to feel confident as a public speaker and they want you to sound authentic when you are speaking in public.

A good public speaking coach isn't trying to change you. However, public speaking clients are often out of their comfort zone during the sessions. It's okay to be out of your comfort zone, doing something well doesn't feel comfortable until you've done it a lot. As David Mamet or Bruce Lee has said: "Get comfortable being uncomfortable."

Why Do People Need a Public Speaking Coach?

When you are a strong public speaker, you can

  • demonstrate your leadership skills

  • affect a powerful change upon your audience.

  • market yourself effectively to others

  • share the benefits of your products, services or ideas

  • develop your influence

  • raise your confidence when talking to groups of all sizes

  • create valuable relationships.

  • demonstrate your authority and authenticity.

What Do Public Speaking Coaches Do?

Public speaking coaches provide coaching that helps people achieve their goals both personally and professionally - by improving the way that they speak in public. When you're in the business, having an expert public speaking coach can help improve your presentation skills and make a bigger and better impact at work.

The public speaking coach should work to:

  1. Identify the issue that needs addressing with the public speaking client.

  2. Discover the cause of the issue

  3. Remove the cause of the issue

  4. Support the development of the public speaker as they move past their original abilities now they are unbound by the cause.

Lots of people experiencing public speaking anxiety, so a public speaking coach can help you reduce that anxiety, build confidence with practical tips that makes a huge difference to your public speaking confidence.

You might meet a public speaking coach at a public speaking workshop, or perhaps one to one coaching session is more of what you're looking for. Even if you just want to learn some new skills, then a public speaking workshop may be a fun event to attend. Or if you know that you need presentation training for work, then perhaps that's the type of coaching you should look for. Either way, the route to authentic public speaking is often via a coach.

Speaker training is a popular area of Continued Professional Development for management, c-suite and executives across many fields of industry.

What happens during a public speaking coaching session?

All public speaking clients have completely different needs and targets. Each individual public speaking training session is carefully planned and personalized. Personalised training sessions focus on promoting public speaking skills as well as gaining confidence in the spoken word. Our goal is to understand all your challenges in life and your goals before meeting them.

Each session will be different, but the goal will be to help you build your public speaking skills up over time. You can't expect it to happen over night, but after a few sessions, you should really feel the difference.

Lately, I've started to use Virtual Reality to help train my clients. Allowing them to feel like they are in a business environment, talking to a group of strangers or colleagues, the use of the latest technology to help practise within the environment of business, a public speaking coach should keep up with the latest tools and techniques.

5 Benefits Of Having A Public Speaking Coach

  1. Improve Effective Communication: People admire those who can communicate effectively in public. It is the way to develop authority in an area or industry. Having strong opinions that are well presented allows others to see the worth you have.

  2. Overcome Fear. Public speaking is one of the worst fears. A speaking coach will teach you ways to overcome your fear, reducing your anxiety and taking the factor that steals your energy.

  3. Continual Professional Development. A speaking coach is someone who will help you become accountable for your development. They will challenge you on your current blockages and help you smooth the journey to improvement. Speaking coaches are often successful business people themselves, and so you have someone in your camp who becomes a sounding board too.

  4. Increases Your Confidence Level. We all know that confidence is king. Confidence is very attractive. And since a lot of people are terrified of speaking up in public, we all admire people who are super confident when they speak in front of an audience. When you speak in front of audiences regularly, you start to develop unshakable confidence in yourself.

  5. Increase Your Professional Success. Like it or Lum it, if you can't present in public, you may be stuck down on the lower rungs of the ladder of success. Learning to speak as a professional with powerful confidence, impact and influence will help you overcome the barriers to success and help you climb the ladder.

Do You Have a Presentation Looming?

We can help you with any public speaking needs you have. Speak to Mark today to prepare for a great presentation, rather than dreading it!


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